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A Note From Our Publishers—

Dear Readers,

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to Trans Headlines Magazine, a fully inclusive trans and nonbinary publication in digital and print format that revolutionizes the trans publishing industry, as we know it.

Though this initiative was found months ago and carefully crafted to be a platform of comprehensive inclusion, we could not think of a better date than November 20, 2019— the Transgender Day of Remembrance—to announce its debut. We mourn the beautiful trans lives lost this year and we say their names. We will continue to honor and carry a torch for those who cannot, whose memories live in our hearts, and we strive to end the needless discrimination and despair that leads to the death of countless loved ones.

We will work relentlessly by your side to bring awareness and activism to trans and nonbinary issues while collaborating with community partners to create a more just society around the country and world. We believe that in education, there is power and in numbers, there is strength.

Trans Headlines was born out of the necessity to have an inclusive trans and nonbinary publication. Through addressing the needs, experiences, and lives of all transgender and nonbinary individuals, Trans Headlines will uplift our voices, fight against our erasure and resist society’s imposed rules—rules born out of ignorance that often result in the most cruel and inhumane acts against our community.

Trans Headlines will intentionally address the topics that others often leave out of the LGBTQ sphere. TH will bring you the right information, backed by an experienced team of award-winning journalists and writers that will also often expose truths within our community that must also be addressed from the trans perspective.

Trans Headlines is here to empower us, to give us a platform to talk about the most critical aspects of our lives, to highlight them, our experiences, our work, and our companies—born out of the need to find products and services not found in the mainstream community. And, we will bring you the personal narratives of struggle and triumph too, creating a community where we all thrive in our diverse and yet common collective goals.

By reading and understanding about one another—stories about trans men, trans women, nonbinary individuals, people of color, people with different body types, etc.—we seek to intentionally bring awareness of our vast existences.

This subscription-based magazine is owned and operated by and for trans individuals and activists working to create a more equitable world while uplifting and affirming our own voices. The digital version is accessible free of charge until January 2020.

Trans Headlines is owned and operated by The Rainbow Times, LLC, an award-winning publication that is New England’s Largest LGBTQ newspaper.