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Transgender Mural Vandalized; Community Reacts

The largest mural in the world honoring trans people was recently defaced, according to reports from LGBTQ Nation.

Dallas police, said CBSDSW.com, are looking for a vandal who spray-painted facial hair on the Dallas mural, which honors transgender women of color activists and Stonewall veterans Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.

The mural’s repainting started on Wednesday, when the “graffiti cleaner” was received, according to Jerome Larez from Artitude, a not-for-profit organization that raises the visibility of marginalized communities through art.

“Dark blue aerosol paint was used to deface the mural by painting on the upper lips of both Johnson and Rivera,” read a release by Artitude.

The transgender mural that was painted last spring on the wall of 4000 Cedar Springs Road by New York artist Brian Kenney and was dedicated to trans legend Johnson. Kenney said to NBC at the time that he’d hoped the mural served as a “bridge” between the locals and the trans community.

“This mural represents the trans women of color who were key figures in that riot and also key figures in the start of the queer liberation movement,” Kenny said in an interview with the network. “This mural is to honor them and to give more visibility, love and attention to the transgender community.”

If you have information that can lead to the arrest of the vandals, contact Dallas Police Department at 214-670-4413.

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