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Transition Tracking App, Transcapsule, brings trans & non-binary people an inclusive space to trust and thrive in their transition processes 

MAINEA new App for the transgender and non-binary community, created by a trans man, will assist the community by documenting their physical and emotional experiences. It will also track the long-term effects of gender-affirming hormone therapies, according to the entrepreneur himself.

Tobey Tozier, a transgender entrepreneur from Jefferson, Maine, has released the beta version for the transition tracking App Transcapsule, on iOS and Android.

Transgender and non-binary people often choose to document their transition journeys to see how far they’ve come; much like tracking fitness progress, or taking photographs of your child as they grow. 

“Documenting the transition process really helps on days when you’re dealing with dysphoria and feeling like you haven’t made any progress, especially during those few first years,” said Tozier. “For me, looking back at old photos and journals, in the beginning, meant everything. It meant looking back after one month, three months, six months, and so on, and gaining perspective of how far I’d come.”

Some people who identify as transgender choose not to go through hormone therapies or surgeries at all, which can sometimes feel isolating and present other challenges. Transcapsule is meant to be inclusive of the entire trans and non-binary community by offering a platform to document all aspects of transition in one single place, explained Tozier. 


Transcapsule: a preview of things to come and
a peek from within; Photo: Transcapsule

The Transcapsule beta allows users to upload photos, set reminders, and celebrate important milestones like name changes, coming out to family, hormones, and surgeries. Based on user feedback collected so far, additional features to be included in the next release will allow people to add journal entries, set more customizable hormone dosage reminders, create their own accounts, and access their information from any mobile device.

“With the current pressures of COVID-19 on our healthcare system, it’s important now more than ever to get Transcapsule in the hands of trans and non-binary folks struggling with mental well-being and feeling alone,” said Tozier. 

The entrepreneur is in the process of raising matching funds for a federal grant through the Maine Technology Institute, MTI, to continue development and move Transcapsule past the beta stage, and is connecting with LGBTQ+ health centers throughout New England about potential partnerships. Take action and donate to Transcapsule, e-mail hello@transcapsule.com to request beta access, and/or visit www.transcapsule.com to learn more.